2017 WTC Order of Events: subject to change before event date


We will do our best to abide by the below schedule.  However, we go with the flow and in reality, game day circumstances will dictate the time line.  If the registration line is full of delays, (a.k.a. last minute waiver completions), the Captains' Meeting might slip a few minutes.  If dinner is ready a bit early, we eat!



Critical times:





Verteran Fishing Program, times to be determined








Veteran Fishing Program, times to be determined








Veteran Fishing Program, times to be determined



3:00-5:00pm - Big Fish Friday side pot enrty at the event tent on the Westport Maritime Museum grounds.  Show up beteen 5-7PM and enter this years BFF pot.  Cost is $100 per team with a 50% cash payout at the Captains Meeting, and you turn in your BFF entry at the Icing Station just behind D&M Crab between 3-5PM on Friday when you are getting the free ice for the Main Event held on Saturday.








Veteran Fishing Prrogram, times to be determined



12:00-6:00pm - Big Fish Friday weigh in at the ice pickup station behind D&M Crab accross the street from Englund Marine.  Any team entered in the Big Fish Friday Pot will be allowed to weigh two fish and pick the largest fish to enter as thier official entry into the BFF Pot.  All weighed fish will become property of the WTC and NW Harvest regardless if the are the entered fish or not.


Teams may donate as many extra fish as they like to enter extra raffle tickets for the drawing held during the banquet Saturday evening.


12:00-6:00pm - Ice pickup starts across the street from Englunds Marine, behind D&M Crab.  We will have fork lifts available to allow easy ice loading into any boats on trailers.  If your boat is already moored, you may bring as many containers as you like to transport ice back to your boat via your own transportation methods.  You may take up to 800 pounds of ice per team.


5:00-7:00pm - Team registration occurs in McCausland Hall, just behind the big tent set up in front of the Westport Maritime Museum.  We prefer the Team Captain register the team if at all possible to eliminate any possible mistakes and or confusion, but it is not required.  If the Team Captain does not register the Team, they have until the end of the Captains Meeting to make any roster or vessel changes. 


7:00pm - Captains Meeting – Safety briefing, weather briefing, run through of all critical things related to the event rules and event goals.  This is the time when we will cover the Event release and return procedures. There will be a short imtermission just before the last part of the Captains Meeting, and then all the Team Captains will be assembled front and center for the next part of the meeting. 





This is where the returning to port and check-in, drop off procedures will be covered in detail.  This has been one of the biggest areas of complaints from the Westport Marina, the Coast Guard and fellow competitors during prior years events.  We are all going to be on the same page this year so we don't have any more issues!


Any last minute changes will be covered here, it is very important to have a team rep present, preferably the Captain or First Mate.







4:00am - Westport Seafoods Bait Dock opens.   Vouchers will be given out during registration good for 12 pounds of free live bait.  You can purchase more if you would like at regular prices.  If you want live bait on Friday, you must pay for it, no exceptions!  The free bait voucher is only good on Saturday morning.


5:00-6:00am - 2017 WTC Startup.  The exact startup time and location will be announced during the Captains Meeting the night before.  A roll call, single team release method will be done if foggy and or poor visibility or weather conditions are present.  If clear and calm weather conditions are present, a countdown-shotgun start will be done.  The change will be announced over VHF channel 69 prior to roll call.  PLEASE monitor VHF channel 69 starting at 5:00am!  There will be start time notifications and reminders made every 10 minutes prior to the final countdown.

3:00-5:00pm - Fish check in and the boardwalk weigh in process occurs.  You must cross the finish line by 5PM Sharp to qualify for any of the pots!


5:30pm-7:00pm Dinner starts, Volunteers and Wounded Soldiers get first dibs! 


7:00pm-9:30pm Sponsor intro's and acknowledgments, followed by the drawing and the awards ceremony.


9:30-10:00pm - Event wrap up, clean up, see you next year!